Photo taken in 2014

Gayle F. Ewing-Keys is a photographer, novelist and aspiring playright, musician, lyricist, and producer. Ewing-Keys began as a photographer 25 years ago doing weddings, portraits, and proms. She has morphed into doing fine art photography and added music composition and production to her repertoire. In the interim, she began writing and has authored two novels. COMMISSIONED her debut novel and subsequent novel PRINCIPAL ASSETS were written over a 20 year span and are still available here on the website.


As a writer she quickly learned that she loved the theater and writing plays and decided to compose music for them. Her play "The Tea Set" has been read by the students of East Texas Baptist University. After FORTY years Ewing-Keys pursued the piano again and has been playing for the past 8 years.


JUNE her recent work is a song she wrote and produced in celebration of JUNETEENTH in hopes the song will celebrate African American Ancestry and modern day struggles. 


Ewing-Keys is a retired federal auditor with a Masters Degree in Accounting. 










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