Novels by G. F. Ewing

Carmen Monroe is a successful accountant who hides her past in order to survive in the business world. Always befriended because of how she looks rather than who she is. She substitutes things and sex, for love and acceptance. As a result she never learns what her real principal assets are as a woman.


When her husband comes into her life who truly loves her, she doesn’t recognize him for it until it is too late. She gets involved in a torrid love affair and when she gets caught, she snaps and kills her husband and her step son. 


Telling her story from prison, it is Carmen's fellow inmates, the other women, who teach her that no matter what she’s done, God still loves her and it is alright for her to love herself.




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Commissioned is a modern-day fable about doing what's right no matter who is involved. When Maxwell Simpson's adopted mother dies and he's abused by his adopted father he becomes a runaway living on the street. He's taken in by an African American woman and her brother. Living with them he realizes discrimination is more real than he thinks.


When he lands his first job as an investigative auditor for the Securities and Exchange Commission he is compelled to put not only his accounting skills to work but his beliefs about racism. His first investigation puts him in the position to make a positive difference, as a white male, in the lives of two African Americans, Cara Mitchell and her boyfriend Anthony Howard. 




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Commissioned is 481 pages

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